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Back to Work: The Faces of Work Comp

Making this video was amazing. We traveled to meet these incredible people who had an unfortunate accident at work and were helped through the workers compensation system. The video was a pretty big hit at the conference that we produced it for. I’m not 100% happy with some of the lighting choices I made and …

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Typically my time at the above company was spent producing videos that were overwhelmingly screen captures. Dull and uninspired work that would end up in the mass of other screen capture videos. Once in awhile though I would get to stretch my legs and my skills a little bit. I was pretty proud of this …

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Citrix Project Accelerator

The Story I’m relatively certain the product doesn’t exist anymore. Or if it does it’s called something else. That doesn’t really matter, what DOES matter is that this was one of the very first things I worked on as a member of an internal corporate video production team. An agency had put together an animation …