The Pre-Show

Back in the late aughts, Coke would run a contest for film programs around the country to produce a short film featuring their product. The concept chosen from SCAD in 2009(maybe?) was this one title, “The Pre-Show.” We were given a budget by Coca-Cola and competed against several other schools.

This is a video that needed to be saved in the edit. During production one of the actors who was supposed to do a backflip missed the landing, and landed on his head. He was taken to the hospital and released, but wasn’t about to attempt another backflip. One of the other actors performed a backflip, but something was off because it didn’t quite cut the previously shot footage.

My solution involved reversing one of the shots, and having the VFX team add another shot of the two cups crossing in the air. In the end it made the video a lot more dynamic than it originally was.

The Details

Produced: 2009
Role: Editor
Format: Digital (RED One)