Typically my time at the above company was spent producing videos that were overwhelmingly screen captures. Dull and uninspired work that would end up in the mass of other screen capture videos. Once in awhile though I would get to stretch my legs and my skills a little bit. I was pretty proud of this video at the time of production, which would have been around 2012. Back then we had a Sony EX1r that had logged more than its fair share of hours. In an effort to make this video look good, I set up the camera as far away from the subjects as possible and pushed all the way in, in order to get a somewhat shallow depth of field.

I have to say, I was still probably working the film school out of my system, because as I watched I recalled being obsessed with using a light meter for every single lighting setup. Don’t get me wrong, using a light meter is not necessarily a BAD habit. But in the era of WYSIWYG monitors on cameras, it’s not super necessary.


Produced: 2012?
Role: Director, Cinematographer
Format: Sony EX1R